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Falcon® EC 460

Falcon is a highly systemic fungicide with protective, eeradicative and curative effect. The product is a versatile leaf and ear fungicide with a broad spectrum of activity and is used on wheat, barley, and other cereals in many countries across the world. Falcon has a unique combination of three active ingredients from the Triazole group which generates more than “triple the power” of the impact of each active substance individually.

Recommendations and rates of use

BarleyHelminthosporium spp.0.6 l/ha35 days
BarleyLeaf spot0.6 l/ha35 days
BarleyFuzarum0.6 l/ha35 days
BarleySpetorum0.6 l/ha35 days
BarleyBunccinia sp.0.6 l/ha35 days
WheatFuzarum0.6 l/ha35 days
WheatBunccinia sp.0.6 l/ha35 days
WheatSpetorum0.6 l/ha35 days
WheatLeaf spot0.6 l/ha35 days
WheatHelminthosporium spp.0.6 l/ha35 days
Consult the local label/distributor
How to apply:
foliar application use 600-800 lit /ha to ensure good coverage
Common Name:
Spiroxamine, tebuconazole, triadimenol
Falcon EC 460 is an emulsifiable concentrate containing (spiroxamine 250 g/l + tebuconazole 167g/l + triadimenol 43 g/l)
Mode of action:
The triazoles tebuconazole and triadimenol both act as demethylation inhibitors (DMI) of fungal sterol biosynthesis. Spiroxamine has excellent systemicity and Initial direct effect causes damage to fungal cell walls and cell membranes and residual long-lasting lead to inhibition of the development of appressoria, haustoria, and mycelium.
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WHO classification:
Active ingredient: moderately hazardous
Product: moderately hazardous


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