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Consento® SC 450

Consento® 450 SC is a fungicide product offering reliably, high level of late and early blight control. It combines the strengths of two active ingredients exhibiting both translaminar and systemic properties resulting in consistent preventive and curative efficacy. The product is well adapted to respond to the most severe situations by protecting the foliage, stem and tuber of plants during periods of new growth. High yield and quality of produce as well as safety of workers, the environment and the consumers is ensured.

Recommendations and rates of use

Brassicas inc cauliflower and cabbagePeronospora parasitica1.5-2 l /ha14 days
Cucurbits including CucumberPseudoperonospora cubensis1.5-2 l /ha7 days
FlowersPeronospora sparsa (Peronospora sparsa) 1.5-2 l /ha----
LettuceBremia lactucae1.5-2 l /ha14 days
OnionPeronospora destructor (Peronospora destructor) 1.5-2 l /ha14 days
PotatoAlternaria solani2 l/ha 7 days
PotatoPhytophthora infestans2 l/ha 7 days
TomatoPhytophthora infestans2 l/ha 7 days
TomatoAlternaria solani2 l/ha 7 days
Consult the local label/distributor
How to apply:
foliar application use 600-800 lit /ha to ensure good coverage
Consento® 450 SC is a soluble concentrate containing propamocarb hydrochloride 375 g/l + fenamidone 75 g/l
Mode of action:
Fenamidone acts by disturbing the transmission of energy in the pathogen's mitochondria. It inhibits mitochondrial respiration by. Its high level of activity against zoospore liberation and direct cyst and sporangial germination ensures consistently good preventive efficacy. It also exhibits curative and antisporulant effects due to a partial translaminar penetration into the leaves.

Propamocarb HCl reduces mycelial growth and development of sporangia and (zoo)spores by influencing the biochemical synthesis of fungal cell membranes
WHO classification:
Product: slightly hazardous


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