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Monday, April 16, 2012

Monodose - Meeting the needs of the small farmer

Bayer CropScience launches its innovative new micro-packaging line for Liquid Crop Protection Products - “monodose” comes to Egypt!

In a number of  countries, there are many small farms. These micro-farms range in size  from around 0.25  to 1.0 feddan and generally operate with very limited budget. On such farms, standard packs of modern crop protection products are often considered as too big, requiring high investment for these small scale farmers.  This encourages the poor farmers to choose older, cheaper, often generic products that might not do such a good job and in some cases, might not be as safe for the operator and the environment compared to the innovative new chemistry that Bayer can offer. Because these growers don’t need to purchase a lot of product, they might prefer to purchase the exact volume of product to be applied, which is cheaper and safer, with no need for storage space for the remainder.

The smaller the pack the easier to handle and finance.  For a selected range of products, with its new liquid  monodose concept, Bayer can now offer modern innovative solutions in a very small pack. This monodose concept is the ideal solution to fulfil the requirements of small scale farmers:

  • Optimal size
  • Reasonable price per pack
  • Easy and safe to use
  • Simple dosing (one or multiple packs per tank, depending on pack size)
  • Easy rinsing via the elastic draw-up of water
  • Easy and safe disposal of packaging after use
  • Avoiding mis-use of empty packs by having a non-reusable pack

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